Top FAQs

What is Kajabi Next?

Kajabi Next is a platform that lets you easily create your own courses to share your expertise.  It's the successor to Kajabi, designed to be a sleek, easy-to-use, and innovative way to sell your knowledge online.

Should I keep my Kajabi account or switch over to Kajabi Next?

Although we encourage you to switch over to the new platform, whether or not you decide to do so will depend on the needs of your business.  We like to use the analogy of Kajabi as a bulldozer and Kajabi Next as a shovel; sometimes you just need a shovel to get the job done ;-)

How will I charge for my courses?

In order to publish a course for payment, you will have to create a Stripe account (if you don't already have one) through Kajabi Next.

How will students pay for courses?

Students are able to sign up for your courses with a valid credit card.

Can I charge monthly for my course?

Kajabi Next only allows for a one-time payment for your courses.

Can my students view Kajabi Next on mobile devices?

Yes!  Kajabi Next was designed to be mobile responsive and optimized for use on any device.

What types of media can I add to my courses?

Audio / Video lessons work best on Kajabi Next, but you can build your course however you want.  You'll also be able to add any attachments, such as PDFs, documents, audio files, etc., to supplement your courses.

What are the best dimensions for my Video / Poster Image?

Our recommended dimensions for both Videos and Poster Images is 1280x720.

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