Editing lessons

Editing your lessons after you have published them is simple.

First, head to your course editor, which you can find in your dashboard:

Next, click on the Lessons section on the right to bring up your lessons and click anywhere on the lesson to begin editing:

Under the Basic Details section, you'll be able to change the name of your lesson, update your description, choose whether or not to include this lesson onto your sales page for free, or delete your lesson.

Under the Media section, you can modify the video content of that particularly lesson: choose a new thumbnail for your video, upload your own custom thumbnail, or delete your video and upload a new one.

Our recommended dimensions for both Videos and Poster Images is 1280x720.

If you click on the Attachments section of your lesson editor, you'll be able to add new attachments.

If you need to download an attachment, you can do so by clicking on this blue download icon.

If you need to delete an attachment, click on the red delete icon:

After you've made changes to your lessons, be sure to save your work by clicking on the Update Lesson button:

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