4. Add your course lessons

In your course edit screen, click on the   Lessons section and click "Get Started" to create your first section:

Name your first section:

Here's an example of how the section name might appear on your course:

Next, add your first lesson:

Name your lesson and give it a description:

Here's an example of how the name might appear on your lesson:

If you want users to  preview this lesson from the sales page for free, click the checkbox:

Here's an example of how a lesson appears for preview on your sales page:

Next, click on the Media section to add avideo or audio file to your lesson:

If you upload a video, once it's encoded, you can choose a video thumbnail, or upload your own custom thumbnail:

Next, click on the Attachments section to upload extra resources for the lesson:

Here's an example of how an attachment appears on a lesson:

*** Make sure you publish the sections and lessons you want to be displayed:

Here's an example of a lesson ready for students:

Congrats, you've added your first lesson! Now, it's time to  set your course price...

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