Setting Up Drip

Drip marketing is a popular marketing technique used to drip content to your customers over time. You choose when your section gets released and we take care of the rest: 

You will first have to create your section (if you haven't already) in order to set up your drip.

Once your section has been created, in your course editor, click on the name of your section to begin editing it:

You'll arrive in the Section Editor screen where you will be able to set your drip schedule by changing the number of the "Available on week" form field:

After you set a week, you will be redirected back to your "Lessons" section. Your drip week will then appear under your section title. 

NOTE: By default, week 1 content is released.  For following weeks add the number of the week with the Section name as below:

Congrats! You now have a course equipped with our drip tool.

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