Adding New Leads To Your Email List

You can automatically add new leads that have signed up for your Kajabi Next course to your email subscriber list, using Kajabi Next Webhooks.  

Kajabi Next Webhooks uses Zapier ( to listen for these webhooks so any time a new student signs up for your course, they can be added to your list.

In this guide, we will be using MailChimp to show you how to do this process, but you're not limited to just MailChimp.  Zapier connects with countless of Email Marketing platforms so you can follow along and use your own email marketing platform.

1) Sign up for a Zapier account or log into your existing Zapier account

2) Click the "Make a New Zap" button

3) On the left, select "Webhook" and choose "Catch Hook" as the action

3) On the right, we will be selecting "MailChimp" and "Add Subscriber" as the action (this is where you can choose your own email marketing platform)

Then click "Continue"...

4) Copy your new web hook URL to your clipboard

Then click "Continue"...

5) Connect with your email marketing account or if you already have an account connected with Zapier, choose it from the select box

Then click "Continue"...

6) The filter section is used if you want Zapier to ignore certain webhooks that come from Kajabi Next.  We do not want to ignore any, so just click "Continue"

This is where the magic happens.  This is where you tell Zapier what to do with the information that Kajabi Next sends in the payload of the webhook

7) To start, choose your list in the drop-down menu under the List category

8) Click the "Insert fields" button in the Email section

The first time you do this, it will pop up a window saying that Zapier has not received any sample webhooks yet.  This is perfectly normal.  We now need to have Kajabi Next generate a test webhook.  If you have not already copied the webhook URL to your clipboard, do it now and click "Ok, I did this"

8) We're going to switch over to Kajabi Next in a new browser tab.  Open up the course editor for the Kajabi Next course you're working with.  Click on the "Integrations" item in the menu

9) Now paste the webhook url you got from Zapier into the "Optins webhook url" text field.  Then click "Update Webhooks" to save it

10) Now send a test webhook by clicking the "Send Test" button next to the webhook url

11) Now, we're going to switch back to Zapier. Click "Ok, I did this" on Step 2.  You may have to wait a minute while it waits for the webhook, but eventually Zapier should indicate that it found your changes

When this happens, you can click "All done!"

Now, you're ready to map the Kajabi Next payload fields to fields to MailChimp (note: the following options may differ slightly depending on your email marketing platform).

12) You'll notice your course information is being populated in the following fields. For Email, you'll want to select the "Payload User Email" field.  This will enable you to automatically collect the emails of your Kajabi Next leads and put it into your subscriber list

 The rest of the fields on this page are your specific fields you have in your email marketing plaforms.  Feel free to fill in whatever you want.

13)  For example, with MailChimp, you can choose to place any new lead that has signed up for your course into a separate group

14) Finally, just click "Continue" at the bottom of the page

15) Now you can click the button to test the web hook

That should generate a test and then you can click "Continue"

16) Finally, give your Zap a name and turn it on

17) That's it!  Now, every time a new student signs up for your Kajabi Next course, and checks the box indicating they want to hear from you, they will be added to your email marketing list.

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