Offering Niche Reviews As Lead Magnet

If you're jumping into a new niche, you can turn all the research you're doing into a free online course and use it to collect leads.

One effective online course that you could create is one that reviews all of the programs, products, ideas, services, etc. that surround your new niche.

In this guide, we'll show you how to create a series of reviews formatted as an online course (you don't even have to call it a course).  

We'll be using video reviews in our example, but what's great about Kajabi Next is that you're not strictly confined to just that - you can write reviews, record audio, include attachments, and much more.

With that said, let's begin.

Let's say that we are interested in breaking into online poker (our example can apply to just about anything).  After getting our feet wet and learning about that niche, we'll share what we've learned through an online course.

1. We're going to create a course on Kajabi Next and call it "Popular Online Poker Betting Systems."  The description gives a concise look at what to expect with this course.

2. After filling our basic details and uploading our course branding, we'll get to the meat and potatoes of the course: creating our lessons.

As we mentioned earlier, doing reviews of what's in your niche are an effective type of lead magnet.  

In a sense, you are already doing the work for your prospects and there's a ton of value to be found in that.  You'll earn their trust and respect, and you'll open them up to the future possibilities of buying from you.

In our example, we have reviewed a number of different online poker betting systems; our audience will benefit from what we know, they won't have to put in the work that we've done, and they'll be able to take what they need.  

In the meantime, the knowledge that we have gained from learning and doing these reviews will set us up in the future when we are creating our own paid courses (e.g., creating our own betting system).

3. The next step in the process is going to be adding our lessons to the course: 

4.  We'll now be adding our video to the lesson and fill out the rest of our content:

Here's what our lesson looks like now:

We'll continue to add the rest of our reviews to the course, but we're going to skip ahead... 

5. We're now going to set the price of our course.  As this course will be used as a lead magnet, we're going to set the price to 0.  

6.  Now, we're going to create our Sales Page.  Your sales copy and video is your chance to persuade your prospects to sign up.

Here's what our final sales page will look like...

...and here's what our final course/lead magnet looks like:

There you go!  Now, you have an effective lead magnet using only the research that you've done.  

Eventually, once you construct your own paid courses, you can upsell your students from your free course into that one.

Once you've put together your online course-based lead magnet, you're going to want to add your students to your email list for future marketing purposes. 

You can read this article here to see how to automate that process of adding new leads to your list.

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