Case Study As Lead Magnet

One effective online course format is to turn your own experience - in life, business, or whatever - and turn that into a free online course to collect leads.

In this guide, we'll show you how to turn your own personal story into an online course.

Let's say that we recently experienced losing a lot of weight by engaging in fitness and changing our lifestyle  (our example can apply to just about anything).  

Well, we can document that experience - just about everything we've done during that time period - and put it into a course format so others can follow along and replicate our own methods.

1. We're going to create a course on Kajabi Next and call it "How I Lost 23 Pounds In Just 4 Weeks."  Right away, the course title gives a clear and detailed description of what to expect in this course.

After filling out our basic details and uploading our course branding, we'll get to the heart of the course: taking your own personal experiences and turning them into lessons.

If we continue with our example of a weight loss journey, our course lessons can track the start of our journey all the way to the end result.  

In between, we can offer up everything we did in our journey - from diet changes, exercising, lifestyle changes, and much more.

There's a lot of value to be found in this type of course; your prospects can see a tangible relationship between you and the lessons you promote because of the results that exists.

2. With that said, we'll start adding our lessons to the course.  The first lesson here starts at the beginning of the journey.

3. The next lesson tracks the next step of the journey.

You can see where this course is heading.  Each section and each lesson will document another step in the weight loss journey.  

When the course is done like this it makes it much easier for your students to emulate your process and ultimately replicate your success.

4. After we fill out the rest of our course with each step, we're now going to set the price of our course.  As this course will be used as a lead magnet, we're going to set the price to 0.  

5.  Now, we're going to create our Sales Page.  Your sales copy and video is your chance to persuade your prospects to sign up.

Here's what our final sales page will look like...

...and here's what our final course/lead magnet looks like:

There you have it!

This course format can work for virtually any type of life experience, and it's all about turning work that you are doing right now or that you’ve done already in the past into a lead generation machine. 

A few tips when creating this type of course format: you’ll want your case study to be heavy on proof and results.

Show videos with screen shots of earning figures; share tools and recourses used to accomplish a desired outcome. You’ll discover that you’ll be able to build more authority if you provide more proof in your case study. 

Once you've put together your online course-based lead magnet, you're going to want to add your students to your email list for future marketing purposes. 

You can  read this article here to see how to automate that process of adding new leads to your list.

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