Over The Shoulder Video Instruction As Lead Magnet

Over the shoulder videos are gaining popularity in all niches because they offer the opportunity to learn, follow along, and replicate step-by-step without the hassle of trying to translate your instructions into actions. They offer an excellent way to introduce your audience to your instruction style, expertise and authority.

Most of the time, marketers choose over the shoulder instructional videos as a lead magnet delivery vehicle when they have to do work anyway but want to turn that work into a prospect generation tool. 

Let's say that we're an online marketing expert and we want to share what we do.  Well, we can use Screenflow to demonstrate our processes and put the videos in an online course.  

1. We're going to create a course on Kajabi Next and call it "How To Optimize Your Marketing Funnel."  It's ideally constructed to be used with screenflow as everything that we'll be doing in the course will be done on a computer.

2. After filling out our basic details and uploading our course branding, we'll start adding our lessons to the course.

3.  Next, we'll make sure to add our screencasts.  This will make it easy for your students to follow along with what you're doing.

Here's what the lesson looks like..

You can see where this course is leading.  Each section and each lesson will use over the shoulder video instruction to demonstrate the online marketing strategies.

When the course is done like this it makes it much easier for your students to not only consume your content, but also follow along exactly as you have done in order to replicate your success.

4. After we fill out the rest of our course with more screencast lessons, we're now going to set the price of our course.  As this course will be used as a lead magnet, we're going to set the price to 0.  

5.  Now, we're going to create our Sales Page.  Your sales copy and video is your chance to persuade your prospects to sign up.

Here's what our final sales page will look like...

...and here's what our final course/lead magnet looks like:

There you have it!

This course format can work for virtually any type of computer process - from online marketing, to photo editing, to any software learning, and much, much more. 

Once you've put together your online course-based lead magnet, you're going to want to add your students to your email list for future marketing purposes. 

You can  read this article here to see how to automate that process of adding new leads to your list.

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