Resource List As Lead Magnet

One effective and effortless lead magnet you could create is an online course that is essentially a gathering place for all of your valuable resources.

It's one of the easiest ways to break into online marketing - use your personal experiences and accumulated knowledge to build authority. 

Your personal process and resources that help you achieve success in the niche that you choose are valuable insights that prospects will be eager to get for free and willing to pay for once you are ready to launch an offer. 

If we use Fitness Coaching as an example, we could create a lead magnet that gathers all the tools that we have used in our weight loss.

We're going to how these resources work, the ideas or science behind HOW they work, and the reasons why you use them overs - it’s a principle that can apply in any niche. 

1. We're going to create a course on Kajabi Next and call it "My List of the Best Resources for Weight Loss."  Right off the bat, the course title and description lets the prospect know exactly what this course is all about.

2. After filling out our basic details and uploading our course branding, we'll start adding our lessons to the course.  Each lesson will revolve around a different resource we use - from workout trackers, nutrition guidelines, diet plans, and much more.

Here's what the lesson looks like..

You can see where this course is leading.  Each section and each lesson will go over a different resource.

3. After we fill out the rest of our course with more resources, we're now going to set the price of our course.  As this course will be used as a lead magnet, we're going to set the price to 0.  

4.  Now, we're going to create our Sales Page.  Your sales copy and video is your chance to persuade your prospects to sign up.

Here's what our final sales page will look like...

...and here's what our final course/lead magnet looks like:

There you have it!

Use any of the techniques or ideas on this list to create text, audio, or video lessons introducing people to the resources that you use in your niche to make life easier, increase productivity, or improve results. 

Once you've put together your online course-based lead magnet, you're going to want to add your students to your email list for future marketing purposes. 

You can read this article here to see how to automate that process of adding new leads to your list.

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