What notification settings are there for when somebody buys my course?

New Student / Enrollment Notifications

You can get notified any time a student purchases or enrolls in one of your courses! In your account settings, click on the Email Notifications tab on the right.

You should then be presented with a bunch of different notification options. If you want to be notified when somebody purchases a course of yours, make sure to check this box:

Here's an example of what your notification will look like:Received Payments Notification

Within your Stripe account settings ( https://stripe.com/), you can also choose to be notified when you receive payments.

Just click your account name in the top right and go to your account settings. Then, click on the Emails section as shown. Check the box for Successful payments to get notified about any payments you receive:

Here's an example of what your notification will look like:

Student Purchase Notifications

Your students also get a notification when they make a purchase. Kajabi automatically sends out an email receipt. This email is not customizable.

Here's an example of what that email looks like:

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